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Proudly Presents the

8th Annual Razor Clam Festival

AND Seafood Extravaganza

March 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, 2014



Sponsorships available!

Download the Vendor Application HERE

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Judges for the 2013 Festival

North Shore Grill wins 2013 title











8th Annual

Razor Clam Festival

Sponsored by:

BMW Northwest


Quinault Beach

Resort and Casino

North Beach Printing

Blue Tail Scrapbooking

Jodesha Broadcasting



2013 Winners!

Best Amateur Clam Chowder

1. Danny Warren - Gig Harbor

2. Thara Eang - Ocean Shores

3. Randy Himes - Kent

Professional Creative Clam Entree

1. Jess Owen - Ocean Crest Resort

2. Daniel Economides - North Shore Grill

Professional Clam Chowder Judges Choice

1. North Shore Grill

2. Shilo Inn

3. Bennett's Fish Shack

People's Choice Clam Chowder

1. Ocean Crest Resort

2. Bennett's Fish Shack

3. Galway Bay

Professional Seafood Entree

1. Bennett's Fish Shack

2. Ocean Crest Resort

3. North Shore Grill

Clam Gun and Shovel Art Contest

1. Milliman & McHenry Familes

2. Mrs. Rocky's Class - Ocean Shores Elementary School

3. Judy Horn









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