Emerson Park

Business Information
442 W Ct Loop NE, Ocean Shores 98569

On Bass Ave, NE. On west side of Duck Lake. From Albatross turn south. 1.5 acre neighborhood park with tennis court, volleyball and tetherball courts, picnic tables, benches and portable restroom. Emerson Park is Ocean Shores best kept secret. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of tourist activity, this is a little gem beloved by tennis aficionados. Located on Bass Ave., on the northwest side of Duck Lake, just off Albatross, this is a lovely little park in the midst of a peaceful residential area. Only 1.5 acres, the tennis court and benches, volleyball and tether-ball courts take up the west side of the park, while the remaining east section is a tranquil green of cool grass and fir trees.

Come, enjoy a picnic on the green, or rev up your energy and get a game of volleyball or tennis going with family or friends. Win or lose, you are sure to have a wonderful time at Emerson Park. A portable bathroom is available for your convenience. Parking is available on the south side of the park.