Speech Masters Toastmasters

August 9, 2018 @ 6:30 pm
Ocean Shores Elks
199 Ocean Lake Way
Ocean Shores, WA 98569
Vicky Roberts

We meet every Thursday at 6:30 pm at the Ocean Shores Elks. Their address is 199 Ocean Lake Way SE Ocean Shores

The Toastmasters group has fun, lively meetings with interesting speeches given each week on various topics-generally 4-8 minutes long. The members are very enthusiastic and enjoy attending them. Their meetings begin and end on time, and the meetings proceed at a good pace, with no lags or gaps in the program with lots of laughs along the way!

All the Members arrive early and ready for participation, and volunteer taking turns with the various positions such as Toastmaster (who runs the Meeting and keeps everything running in a timely manner), Joke Master, Table Topics Master-a fun opportunity to think on your feet when giving a 1-2 minute reply to a themed question, and a Ah-Counter (how many ahs and ums were counted)

Just a few of achievements and benefits of being a Member of Toastmasters is: improved speaking ability encouraging vocal variety and proper body language and gestures; Leadership development; better social skills improving one-on-one communication, whether in a formal or family setting and greater self-esteem through self-confidence gained with each presentation, overcoming obstacles with mentoring and practice and being valued as a Member.

They welcome guest any time, with no charge, so do come along to a meeting, or two! Enjoy a cup of coffee and a good time.

For more information: Telephone 360-209-2143, email: northbeachspeechmasters@gmail.com Web: http://3942026.toastmastersclubs.org