Razor Clam Capital

To enjoy razor clams is to enjoy life. Razor Clam dining offers a visceral experience that satisfies every sense. The soft flavor profile of Razor Clams are a culinary treat that turns meals into memories. Ocean Shores sits at the center of the Pacific Northwest’s Razor Clam coast, where you’ll enjoy Razor Clams fresh off the beach, ocean-inspired art and the quintessential seaside lifestyle.

From the ports to the Pacific Ocean to the peninsula, this corner of southwest Washington is Razor Clam central. The three major beaches for approved digging  are Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Mocrocks and Copalis – produce some of the healthiest and heartiest Razor Clams crab in the United States.

So, pull up a chair and dine with us. And drop a pot and fish with us. And take a piece of the Pacific Northwest’s Razor Clam country home with you.

Clam Diggers 4 By Stuart May